How do I know if I am feeding my puppy the right amount of food?

The guidelines on the back of dog food bags, and indeed on the Paw website are approximate and should only be used as a rough guide. You know your puppy best and are best placed to decide how much to feed him. It depends on age, size, weight, breed and activity level. You should monitor your puppy’s weight regularly – you want to be able to feel his ribs with your fingers, but you want his top line and hip bones to be nicely covered. Don’t be afraid to increase his daily food intake if you think he needs or wants more, the last thing you want to do is prevent him from growing, but just keep feeling for his ribs and ensure he doesn’t gain too much weight. After a meal, his tummy will likely become distended and this is normal, but you want to ensure it has returned to normal size before his next meal time. If it has not, you probably fed him too much.