Adult Dietary Requrements

  • How much food should
    I give my dog?

    The amount of food your dog requires is dependant on a number of factors including age, weight, breed, current condition and activity levels. Our Feeding Guide will give you a good indication and if you sign up for a subscription, our calculator will make a daily feeding recommendation.

  • Should I change my dog’s diet regularly?

    In short, no. Every time you change your dog’s food, it can upset his tummy and digestive system causing diarrhoea. All Paw recipes are complete, so changing or alternating with other foods is not required or recommended. Alternating between different Paw recipes is usually uneventful due to their similarity in composition, so if your dog gets a little fed up of one recipe, you can have him try another!

  • What shouldn’t I
    feed my dog?

    There is a long list of things that you shouldn't feed your dog, and since Paw is a complete diet, they don't require anything else besides fresh water. If you want to give your dog a treat though, a few things you should be avoiding include: chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, avocado, mushrooms, coffee/caffeine, macadamia nuts, cooked bones, dairy products and alcohol! Consult a veterinary professional if you are in any doubt.


Puppy Dietary Requrements

  • How much food should
    I give my puppy?

    Dogs of different weights and ages have different nutritional requirements. Puppies are usually ready to eat solid food when they are about 5 weeks old. Please refer to our Puppy Feeding Guide for age appropriate feeding guides.

  • How often should
    I feed my puppy?

    Puppies under 6 months old should be fed 3 times daily (perhaps 4 times daily under 12 weeks depending on their weight, condition and growth). Once they reach 6 months, they should be fed 2 times daily. We recommend you continue feeding 2 times daily into adulthood.

  • How long should my puppy eat puppy food for?

    Puppies need more calories as they grow into adults. Your puppy should be fed a recipe specifically created for puppies until he is 12 months old. After this, you should gradually transfer onto an adult recipe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to clean my dog’s teeth?

Cleaning your dog's teeth is not essential, and the majority of owners tend not to, but some do. If you are feeding a wet/moist food, this tends to sit on their teeth and cause decay, so teeth brushing would be more important. If you are feeding a good quality dry food such as Paw, teeth brushing is less important as the food does not tend to sit on their teeth the same way the wet food does. Speak with your vet if you would like some professional advice.

Is my dog a healthy weight?

For the vast majority of dogs, you want to be able to feel their ribs with your fingers, but you want their top line and hip bones to be nicely covered. If in doubt, speak to your vet who should be happy to offer professional advice.

My dog didn’t finish his meal straight away. Should I take it away or leave it down for him?

There are two schools of thought here and there is no correct answer. Taking it away after meal time might train him to eat at the designated time, but it may also result in him not eating the full quantity that you want him to eat.

My dog eats very fast. Is this a problem?

Providing he is eating his meal uneventfully and without choking, this is not a problem. If you are concerned he is eating too quickly and is choking, you can try adding a little water to his food to try and slow down the speed at which he eats.

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